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Our Glatter-Goetz Organ

During the year 2000 we introduced the new Neighborhood Church Organ.  We call our state-of-the-art Glatter Götz pipe organ a "little gem" amongst the great organs of the world.

This organ is located in our beautiful sanctuary which sits on the cliff some fifty feet above the Santa Monica Bay.  Not only do we have a unique building and beautiful setting in which to praise God, but we also have a very strong tradition of music excellence.  The musical program of The Neighborhood Church runs from pre-school children to adults and offers choirs for all ages, bell choirs, concert series, classical music performances an musical theater.

We are grateful to the donor of the organ who has graciously, and with humility, gifted us with a marvelous instrument that enhances and enriches the life of our congregation.  Mrs. Eloise "Sandy" Barnett made this gift in honor of her husband, Elton "Barney" Barnett because of her appreciation for his deep Christian faith and for the place which the Neighborhood Church has held in his life.  Their generosity is overwhelming and deeply appreciated.

About the Instrument

The three-manual 30 stop organ was designed and constructed by Glatter-Götz Orgelbau in Owingen, Germany.  It is a mechanical action organ ("tracker") which mechanically links the keys to the air valves for responsiveness and compact design.  Although the tracker type of construction is centuries old, this organ incorporates the latest electronics.  A state-of-the-art computerized system controls the combination action, sequencer,and crescendo systems and the stops are operated by electronic sensors.  A color television camera and computer monitor give the organist a full view of the sanctuary even though the console is covered by a chancel screen during services.  A 25-note set of chimes, located in the Chapel but playable from the organ console, was donated by Helen Billings and Lois Chace, in loving memory of Earl Billings and Eugene Chace.

The organ was first constructed in Germany before it was disassembled and shipped to the church.  It took a year to design and build.  When it arrived in January 1999, delighted church members unloaded the shipping container, and the components of the organ - particularly the pipes - were stored temporarily throughout the church.  Four men installed the organ in a period of two months. Then, over the next nine months, Manuel Rosales, of Rosales Organ Builders of Los Angeles, Inc.  accomplished the voicing of the pipes.

The organ was first heard on Easter Sunday 1999 and was played for services during the remainder of the voicing process.  The organ was dedicated during the morning church services on September 26, 1999.


Music Staff

David Sateren
Director of Music

Rebecca Ogle

Ellen Steinmetz
Director, Children's Choirs